International Parliamentarians Congress

International Parliamentarians' Congress

Connecting Parliamentarians
IPC focuses on addressing Climate Change and Food Security.
Promoting Human Rights is a key objective of the IPC.
IPC is dedicated to Peace, Security, Conflict Resolution, and fostering Interfaith Harmony.
Enhancing Trade, Investment, and Developmental Cooperation is a major aim of the IPC.
IPC prioritizes Healthcare and Human Development.
IPC is committed to the Monitoring and Observation of Elections Worldwide.
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Connecting Parliamentarians

International Parliamentarians' Congress (IPC)

Cooperation, Synergy and Strategy for Peace and Development

Vision and Mission

Establishment and Purpose
The International Parliamentarians' Congress (IPC) was established through a resolution adopted by the Senate of Pakistan on August 29, 2019. The IPC serves as a global platform that unites members of national Parliaments from around the world.
Commitment to Global Challenges
This collective initiative is driven by a shared commitment to tackling the most pressing global and regional challenges, emphasizing collaboration and constructive international dialogue as its foundational principles.
Bridging the Governance Gap
The IPC is dedicated to closing the 'governance gap' by promoting the inclusion of parliamentarians from diverse backgrounds through independent dialogue. With a steadfast mission, the IPC aims to foster cooperation, synergy, and strategic alignment among member Parliaments, guided by a set of common objectives.
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H. E. Abdel Rahim Maaia
President IPC
IPC Honored to Receive Observer Status by Asian Parliamentary Assembly
Secretary General IPC
Sitara Ayaz
signing MOU in Ankara, Turkey.
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Legislative Synergy

Thematic Areas

Specialized Committees

Organized into specialized committees, IPC operates across six thematic areas, each entrusted with the task of addressing critical issues vital to global progress:

  1. Climate Change and Food Security,
  2. Human Rights,
  3. Peace, Security, Conflict Resolution, and Interfaith Harmony,
  4. Trade, Investment, and Developmental Cooperation,
  5. Health Research, Standardization, Quality Control, and Human Development,
  6. Monitoring and Observation of Elections Worldwide.

Through focused efforts within these thematic realms, IPC endeavors to catalyze positive change and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of a more equitable and prosperous global community.

Composition and structure

IPC comprises three principal organs: the General Assembly, the Governing Board, and the Secretariat. The General Assembly consists of all Members of Parliament who have registered as IPC members, convening annually to address overarching matters.
Conversely, the Governing Board, comprising MPs elected from five distinct Geopolitical Groups delineated in the IPC constitution, convenes more frequently to engage in dialogue and strategize solutions to prominent challenges
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Since its establishment in 2019, IPC has extended its reach to numerous countries, boasting a membership of 233 parliamentarians from 61 nations. Membership in IPC is available to all sitting parliamentarians of national Parliaments worldwide upon completion of a membership form and acceptance of the obligations outlined in the Constitution.

Empowering Voices



The President Of IPC, H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia’s Visit To Pakistan

The President of the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC), His Excellency AbdelRahim Maaia, undertook a four-day visit to Pakistan from 23rd – 26th April 2024. This visit marked his inaugural trip to Pakistan in his capacity as President of IPC, following his election to this esteemed position in February 2024. Notably, H.E. Maaia concurrently holds the esteemed position of First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Jordan.


IPC's Vist to Baku, 6th World Forum

Led by the Secretary General of IPC, Senator Sitara Ayaz, the delegation included Mr. Muhammad Naeem Murtaza, Chief Technical Advisor of IPC. Senator Sitara Ayaz played a pivotal role in the forum’s proceedings, contributing significantly to discussions and engagements. Baku, Azerbaijan – May 6, 2024 – A two-member delegation from the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) participated in the esteemed 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue held in Baku from May 1st to May 3rd, 2024. 


Russian Presidential Elections

The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) observed the Russian presidential elections held from March 15 to 17, 2024, under the leadership of IPC Secretary General, Senator Sitara Ayaz. The mission aimed to gain valuable insights into the Russian electoral system. During the mission, Secretary General Ayaz met with officials from the Russian Election Commission. Discussions focused on election administration, technological integration in the voting process, and measures to ensure a transparent and fair election.

IPA=14th plenary session of APA in BAKU=8

14th plenary session of APA in BAKU

Islamabad, February 26, 2024 – The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) proudly attended the Executive Council Meeting and the 14th Plenary Session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), held in Baku from February 20 to 24, 2024. 

IPC-Azerbaijan presidential elections in February=9

Azerbaijan presidential elections in February

The delegation of the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC), comprising three esteemed members, observed the presidential elections of Azerbaijan, held on 7th February 2024. 


Road Safety Conference for Parliamentarians

The first day of the Road Safety Conference for Parliamentarians, themed “A Global Perspective – Pakistan 2023,” was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi. Organized by the IPC in collaboration with Pakistan Parli.aan (a project of GIZ).


International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) Successfully Held The Ground-Breaking Ceremony

The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) marked a historic moment today with the groundbreaking ceremony of its Permanent Headquarters in the Diplomatic Enclave of Islamabad.

IPC=Bangladesh general election January 2024=1

Bangladesh General Election January 2024

Amman, 8th January 2024 – The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) received accreditation from the Election Commission of Bangladesh to observe the general elections held on 7th January 2024.


IPC Attends Third Conference Of The Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network

Geneva, Switzerland – March 26, 2024 – The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) was honored to be invited as an observer to the Third Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network (NAM Parliamentary Network)

Observer Status of IPC

  • The African Parliament Union (APU) in the 76th session of the APU Executive Committee granted observer status to IPC.
  • The Asian Parliamentary Assembly(APA) in its 13th Plenary granted observer status to IPC.
  • Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network (NAM-PN) in NAM PN 2nd conferencegranted observer status to IPC.
  • Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC) in the 17th Session of the PUIC Conference- Algiers- the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeriagranted observer status to IPC.

IPC's Accreditation for the International Election Observation Mission

Presidential elections of Russia (2024)
General Elections of Bangladesh (2024)
Presidential Elections of Uzbekistan (2023).
Presidential elections of Colombia (2022).
General Elections of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (2020).
Presidential Election of Azerbaijan (2024)
Presidential Elections of Maldives (2023)
General Elections of Thailand (2023).
Parliamentary elections of Netherlands (2021).
Parliamentary elections of the United Kingdom (2019).
Press Release

The Presidential Elections of Colombia 2022 first-round observed by the International Parliamentarians Congress

After receiving accreditation from the electoral Congress of Colombia mainly known as Consejo Nacional Electoral Colombiano, CNE on May 14th, 2022, IPC set an election observation mission to be sent to Colombia to observe Presidential Elections 2022 first round. Assistant Secretary General Ijlal Ali khan, visited Colombia for three days

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Press Release

International Parliamentarians Congress set to visit Colombia to observe the Colombian Presidential Election 2022

Assistant Secretary-General of International Parliamentarians Congress is visiting Colombia to observe the Colombian Presidential Election 2022 first round, to be held on 29th May 2022. IPC received the accreditation from the Consejo Nacional Electoral Colombiano, CNE (National Electoral Council) on May 14th 2022, thus an observation mission was planned. The

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Press Release

Member Parliament Legislative Assembly NSW visited IPC

Member Parliament Legislative Assembly NSW Honorable Shaoquett Moselmane, MLC, along with his delegation visited IPC Secretariat. The meeting was fruitful in terms of discussion over IPC thematic areas and exploring working capacity with mutual interest.

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Press Release

International Parliamentarians’ Congress (IPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Global Council for Peace and Tolerance GCTP in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) held the ninth session of its international parliament, chaired by His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Jarwan, President of GCTP, and Her Excellency Margarita Restrepo, President of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace (IPTP), at the Headquarters of the Federal National Council

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