International Parliamentarians Congress

International Parliamentarians' Congress

Connecting Parliamentarians
IPC focuses on addressing Climate Change and Food Security.
Promoting Human Rights is a key objective of the IPC.
IPC is dedicated to Peace, Security, Conflict Resolution, and fostering Interfaith Harmony.
Enhancing Trade, Investment, and Developmental Cooperation is a major aim of the IPC.
IPC prioritizes Healthcare and Human Development.
IPC is committed to the Monitoring and Observation of Elections Worldwide.
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Our Structure

General Assembly

The Assembly is the main body of IPC composed of all its member parliamentarians. It shall meet once a year to discuss any questions, motions, resolutions or any matters within the scope of the constitution of IPC. The Members of the General Assembly will elect from amongst themselves a President and Vice-President of IPC for a term of two years. The Chairman Senate of Pakistan is initially the first President of the Congress.

Governing Board

The Governing Board of IPC is composed of two parliamentarians from each of the five Geopolitical Groups who shall be elected by the Members of their respective Group for a term of two years. The President of the Congress shall also act as the President of the Board.

Geopolitical Groups

According to Article 10 of IPC Constitution, the Congress has five Geopolitical Groups, each comprising members from the respective regions. These Geopolitical Groups are as under:

Thematic Committees