International Parliamentarians’ Congress (IPC) is a transcontinental platform of individual members of national Parliaments across the globe united in purpose to jointly resolve global and regional issues that invariably impact the whole humanity.

Constituted through a Resolution adopted by the Senate of Pakistan on 29th August, 2019, the IPC crystallizes into reality the vision of Senator Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, Chairman Senate of Pakistan, to bring together parliamentarians of different countries to achieve peace, prosperity and progress through cooperation; mutual understanding; sharing and exchange of ideas as well as experiences.


In this age of interdependence and interconnectivity, the role of Parliament, especially, parliamentarians, has become central to resolving global issues that cut across geographical, political, regional and continental divides. However, while there exist a number of inter-parliamentary organizations that bring Parliaments into the international and regional affairs equation, dedicated forums that seek to empower, enable, connect, rally together and encourage individual parliamentarians to play a proactive role in the world and regional affairs are conspicuous by their sheer absence.

Filling up this vacuum, the IPC aims to address the prevailing global ‘governance gap’ by mainstreaming parliamentarians from around the continents and regions right into international and regional governance and diplomacy matrices.


The Congress aims to establish cooperation, synergy, and strategies across member Parliaments through independent dialogue in order to achieve commonly cherished objectives of:

Sharing experiences and best practices;
Promoting parliamentary exchanges to encourage inclusive cooperation to develop strategies for strengthening democratic values; and Eliminating barriers to cooperation through engagement in dialogue to promote world peace and prosperity