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Azerbaijan presidential elections in February

IPC's visit to-Azerbaijan presidential elections


Baku, Azerbaijan – The delegation of the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC), comprising three esteemed members, observed the presidential elections of Azerbaijan, held on 7th February 2024. 

Delegation Members
The delegation was led by Mr. Soro Fobeh, a Member of IPC from Côte d’Ivoire, and included Ms. Asmaou Berry, a Member of IPC from Guinea, and Ms. Mehk Butt, a Manager of Communication at IPC. IPC received official accreditation from the Election Commission of Azerbaijan, allowing them to conduct a thorough observation of the election procedures.

Election Observation
During the election observation mission, the IPC delegation visited multiple polling stations in Baku and Sumqayit. The team observed the entire voting process and engaged with election officials, voters, and other stakeholders to gain comprehensive insights into the conduct of the election.

Press Briefing and Preliminary Findings
In addition to their on-ground observation, the delegation held a press briefing with local media in Baku. They shared their experiences and preliminary findings, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement in the electoral process. The IPC delegation also issued a formal press statement summarizing their observations.

Statement from the Head of Delegation
Mr. Soro Fobeh, head of the delegation, stated, “Our mission in Azerbaijan was conducted with the utmost dedication to impartiality and transparency. We appreciate the cooperation of the Election Commission and the warm reception from the Azerbaijan Election Commission and the government. Our observations indicate significant efforts towards a fair electoral process, and we encourage continuous improvement for future elections.”

Commitment to Democratic Values
The IPC is committed to promoting democratic values and supporting electoral integrity worldwide. The observations and recommendations from this mission will contribute to enhancing the electoral framework in Azerbaijan and reinforcing the principles of democracy.