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Climate change is a serious risk to lives and threatens to undo decades of development efforts. The adverse effects of climate change are already evident, natural disasters are more frequent and more devastating making developing countries more vulnerable. Climate change is a global phenomenon, its negative impacts are more severely felt by everyone around the world. International Parliamentarians Congress is extensively working on Climate change and feel the need to highlight this issue specifically focusing on Water scarcity due to climate change.
Therefore, a meeting was organized by IPC highlighting the topic “Climate Change and its implication on Water Scarcity” today. The objective of the meeting was to share and discuss the issue of climate change in detail focusing on the South Asia and South East Asia region and identifying ways to highlight the Water scarcity issue among the Parliamentarians of their respective countries.

During the meeting, the Speakers including Chief Executive of Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change Ms. Ayesha Khan and Director of Riphah Institute of Public Policy Dr. Rashid Aftab talked about the global impact of Climate Change and the implementation of action to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change, and global warming.

The meeting was attended by the Ambassadors from Azerbaijan, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, and Sri Lanka, and representation from some prominent organizations including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, GIZ, National Disaster Management Authority, Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change, Institute of Regional Studies, and various Parliamentarians also showed their presence.

The meeting was honored by the presence of the Federal Minister of the Ministry of States and Frontier Region (SAFFRON) as a Chief Guest who shared his views on the current Global issue of Climate Change and the role of Parliamentarians to mitigate it. He emphasizes on strengthening the bilateral relation with various countries to tackle the issue. Today, Pakistan is facing the consequences and we do not want it to reach out to other countries.
Keeping in view the goals of IPC, the outcome of the meeting will be taking forward to consolidate it and further organize Global Conference on water Scarcity to reach out to global Parliamentarians and stakeholders.
The meeting was concluded with the distribution of souvenirs and giveaways to all dignitaries as a token of thanks for their kind participation.

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