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Djibouti is a country in East Africa which by its geographical location, connects the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, is pivotal to intercontinental trade. It is considered as the gateway to the Horn of Africa & other East African countries giving it strategic importance.

In 2017, the state of Pakistan initiated its ‘Look Africa Policy’ under the intention to further deepen its historical and political ties with the states in Africa by expanding its diplomatic missions across and instituting trade activities that are mutually beneficial for all stakeholder involved. The vision behind the ‘Look Africa Policy’ is not only strategic but also has the intent of human development and prosperity as its foundation.

The IPC is a transnational network of parliamentarians who have joined hands to play a proactive role in promoting peace and sustainable development through cooperation and dialogue. The IPC aims to make collective efforts for strengthening democracy across the world by creating synergies among parliamentarians. The agenda of IPC is not limited to the strengthening of democracy, the IPC intends to bring together MPs to make collective efforts for human development and prosperity.
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Djibouti had very limited diplomatic and trade interaction in history although both states hold tremendous potential in the context. Hence, keeping in mind Pakistan’s ‘Look Africa Policy Initiative’, the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) invited Honorable Mohamed Ali Houmed, President of National Assembly of the Republic of Djibouti to Pakistan, which he graciously accepted. The purpose behind the invitation was not only diplomatic but also to introduce IPC and its work to Honorable Mohamed Ali Houmed.

Following the invitation Honorable Mohamed Ali Houmed arrived in Pakistan along with his 7-member delegation. The delegation during their stay in Pakistan met with all important stakeholders of the state and discussed the matter of mutual interest. It is with deep honor and pleasure that I state that the visit was highly successful and proved to be canonical in starting a new chapter of the Djibouti-Pakistan relationship.

The delegation from Djibouti during their stay extended an invitation to IPC to visit Djibouti following which a three-member delegation of IPC visited the Republic of Djibouti in January 2021. The visit by IPC delegation was the first official visit of a Pakistani delegation to the Republic. During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to meet top government office-bearers as well as the Djiboutian Naval force.

I take the opportunity to present this report, which states down the details of IPC visit to the Republic of Djibouti and the matters discussed therein.

Senator Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani
International Parliamentarians’ Congress (IPC)


Note: The report is available to download under the reports and publication section. 

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