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The President of the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC), His Excellency AbdelRahim Maaia, undertook a four-day visit to Pakistan from 23rd – 26th April 2024. This visit marked his inaugural trip to Pakistan in his capacity as President of IPC, following his election to this esteemed position in February 2024. Notably, H.E. Maaia concurrently holds the esteemed position of First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Jordan.

During his visit, H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia engaged in high-level meetings with several distinguished dignitaries, including the Federal Law Minister, Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar, as well as the Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Pakistan, among others. These meetings served as pivotal opportunities to discuss matters of mutual interest and further strengthen bilateral relations between IPC and other nations.

Additionally, Senator Mohammad Abdul Qadir hosted a welcome dinner for His Excellency AbdelRahim Maaia. Furthermore, IPC organized a special meeting in honor of H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia, wherein diplomats from various countries in Islamabad had the privilege to interact with the President of IPC. The event also included a networking lunch, fostering an opportunity for cooperation among attendees. Diplomats warmly welcomed H.E. Maaia and expressed their commitment to working closely with IPC to enhance global ties and cooperation between their respective countries and the International Parliamentarians Congress.

H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia’s visit to Pakistan underscored the commitment of IPC to fostering international cooperation and dialogue, furthering its mission of promoting peace, prosperity, and solidarity among nations.

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