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International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) Honored to Receive Observer Status by Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA)

Antalya, Turkiye – The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) is honored to announce that it has been granted observer status by the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) during its 13th Plenary session held recently in Antalya, Turkiye. According to Rule 7 of the Rules of Procedure of the APA, observer status has been granted to the IPC, which allows the IPC delegation to attend the sessions of the 14th APA Plenary as Observers, based on Article 6 of its Charter. “This is a significant achievement for the IPC and a testament to our commitment to promoting parliamentary democracy and cooperation in the Asian region,” said IPC Secretary General, Senator Sitara Ayaz. “We look forward to contributing to the work of the APA and strengthening our relationship with the parliamentary community in Asia.” The observer status allows the IPC to participate in the meetings and activities of the APA, but will not have the right to vote or propose resolutions. The International Parliamentarians Congress is an international organization that brings together parliamentarians from around the world to promote democracy, human rights, and sustainable development. The organization is committed to working with other parliamentary organizations and intergovernmental bodies to strengthen the role of parliamentarians in promoting global peace and prosperity. The Asian Parliamentary Assembly is a regional inter-parliamentary organization that brings together parliamentarians from across Asia to promote cooperation and understanding among the nations of the region. The APA is committed to working with other regional and international organizations to promote peace, stability, and sustainable development in Asia. For more information about the International Parliamentarians Congress, please visit our website at or follow @ipcongress_ on Twitter.