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Road Safety Conference for Parliamentarians

The theme of the conference is “Capacity Building for Effective Legislative Framework on Road Safety”

Inaugural Day: Launching the Global Road Safety Dialogue

The first day of the Road Safety Conference for Parliamentarians, themed “A Global Perspective – Pakistan 2023,” was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi. Organized by the IPC in collaboration with Pakistan Parlimaan (a project of GIZ), the event brought together international parliamentarians from nine countries and global organizations in Islamabad, Pakistan. The conference aims to raise awareness and promote international collaboration to reduce road accidents and fatalities, under the theme “Capacity Building for Effective Legislative Framework on Road Safety.”

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Presidential Address: A Call for Global Cooperation

Road safety is not just a national concern, but a global challenge that requires cooperation and coordination among nations,” stated the President of Pakistan in his opening address. He emphasized the need for effective road safety policies and measures to protect road users and prevent accidents.

International Perspectives: Sharing Experiences and Solutions

Parliamentarians from Chad, Uganda, Jordan, Spain, Guinea, Libya, and Algeria addressed the conference, sharing their experiences and perspectives on road safety. They engaged in discussions with experts and stakeholders, highlighting best practices and lessons learned from their respective countries.

Global Leadership: Contributions from WHO and UN Special Envoy

The conference featured video addresses from Secretary General Special Envoy on Road Safety, Mr. Jean Todt, and Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, underscoring the global importance of road safety.

Key Discussions: Exploring the Five Pillars of Road Safety

The opening session included keynote speeches and panel discussions on the five pillars of road safety. Topics covered the latest research, innovations, best practices, and the role of international organizations and governments in promoting road safety.

Day One Outcomes: Towards a Safer Future

The first day concluded with significant outcomes, including the adoption of a declaration on road safety, the establishment of a network of parliamentarians committed to promoting road safety, and the identification of priority areas for future cooperation and action.

Day Two: Collaborative Sessions and Actionable Recommendations

On the second day, participants gathered at Islamabad Serena Hotel and engaged in three focused sessions discussing the five pillars of road safety. They developed recommendations based on their respective countries’ measures, which were then compiled into the Islamabad Declaration

The Islamabad Declaration: A Unanimous Call to Action

The Secretary General, Senator Sitara Ayaz, presented the Islamabad Declaration, a unanimous document outlining key steps to improve road safety in Pakistan. This declaration serves as a call to action for all stakeholders to address road safety issues collaboratively.


Closing Ceremony: Commitment to Road Safety

The closing session featured a speech by Federal Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar, who appreciated the role of IPC and Mustehkum Parliamen in organizing the conference. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts to address road safety and expressed his commitment to the cause.

A Successful Conclusion: Gratitude and Future Initiatives

The conference provided a platform for parliamentarians, experts, and stakeholders to collaborate and share their insights on road safety. The Islamabad Declaration will guide future road safety initiatives, contributing to improved road safety in Pakistan and worldwide. IPC and Mustehkum Parlimaan extend their gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and valuable contributions, committing to ongoing efforts to promote road safety globally.