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14th plenary session of APA in BAKU

IPC's visit to the 14th plenary session of APA in BAKU

Event Overview

Islamabad, February 26, 2024 – The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) proudly attended the Executive Council Meeting and the 14th Plenary Session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), held in Baku from February 20 to 24, 2024. The theme of the Plenary Session was “Fostering Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Asia,” reflecting a shared commitment to addressing critical regional challenges through collaborative efforts.

IPC Delegation
The IPC delegation was led by Secretary General IPC Senator Sitara Ayaz and accompanied by Ms. Mehk Butt, Manager Communication IPC, who actively participated in the session. IPC, having received observer status from APA during its 13th Plenary Session, engaged in the 14th Plenary as an observer organization, contributing valuable insights and fostering dialogue among the participating nations.

Secretary General’s Speech
During the Plenary, IPC’s Secretary General delivered an impactful speech on the theme of fostering regional cooperation for sustainable development in Asia. The speech was well-received by speakers from various countries, highlighting the significance of regional collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals.

Bilateral Meetings
In addition to participating in the Plenary discussions, the IPC delegation held several bilateral meetings with key parliamentary leaders. Notably, the delegation met with the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council of Qatar, and an official from the Russian Parliament. These meetings provided an excellent platform for strengthening inter-parliamentary relationships and discussing potential areas of cooperation on shared regional issues.

IPC’s Commitment
The IPC remains dedicated to its mission of addressing pressing social issues through international parliamentary collaboration. Our participation in the APA’s 14th Plenary Session underscores our commitment to fostering sustainable development and regional cooperation in Asia.