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A two-Member delegation of the International Parliamentarians, Congress (IPC) attended the 44th Conference and 78th Session of the Executive Committee of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) at Victoria Falls-Zimbabwe

In October 2021, International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) received “Observer Status” in the 76th Session of the Executive Committee of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) by the Chairperson of APU in Djibouti. IPC and APU are continuously working towards developing and strengthening bilateral and multilateral relations among the various countries and spreading harmony and security in the African region through the platform of APU and IPC. In the same context, IPC received an invitation to the 44th Conference of Speakers of National Parliamentary Assemblies and the 78th Session of Executive meeting of APU held in Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe on 9th -10th November 2022. The two-member delegation, headed by the Secretary General IPC Senator Sitara Ayaz and also Assistant Secretary General IPC Mr. Ijlal Ali Khan assured the presence of IPC as an observer organization in the meeting and significantly attended it. The meeting discussed the important agendas including conflict, terrorism, and the issues caused by the conflicts, affecting the lives of people. IPC’s agenda of working towards peace and harmony would engage the African world to work collectively in achieving the mutual objective of stability, Sovereignty, and integration among nation-states. The delegation was honoured to meet several Speakers of Parliaments, and its Parliamentarians and engaged them over the IPC role, its aims, and future engagements on common objectives. The letters to all the member state’s speakers were also shared for further correspondence and strengthening of bilateral relations. This meeting played a very profound role in the future endeavours of IPC as 64 Parliamentarians from 13 countries became IPC members, reaching 170 + members from 47 Countries.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between Climate Global Control Trading LLC UAE and International Parliamentarians’ Congress (IPC), at IPC Secretariat, Islamabad.

A Meeting has been held Between Chief Executive Officer Of Climate Global Control Trading LLC UAE Mr. Maxim Lavrov and Assistant Secretary-General of International Parliamentarians; Congress (IPC) Mr. Ijlal Ali Khan at IPC Secretariat Islamabad to sign an MOU between the organizations on 16th February 2021. The Climate Global Control Trading LLC UAE (CGCT) is dedicated to providing weather modification services around the world. The core idea of CGCT is to ensure that all the countries understand the concept of water security and the effects of climate change on all walks of life. CGCT is a pioneer in introducing Climate Cron which is the monetization of service concept. CGCT believes that through IPC, they can convey their idea to the entire member Parliamentarians of the world and they can make necessary legislative reforms to change the ways humans view climate change. Mother Earth is challenged by insecurities and inequalities of opportunities and resources that continue to trigger threats to humanity and peace in the shape of climate change, ecological depletion, and human rights. IPC endeavours to establish a worldwide network of individual Members of Parliaments across countries, who voluntarily and passionately intend to work in unison to perpetually develop cooperation, synergy, and strategies across parliaments to achieve a prosperous and peaceful world through international dialogues. IPC promotes parliamentary dialogue and oversight of Climate Change and Food Security; Human Rights; Peace, Security, Conflict Resolution, and Interfaith Harmony; Trade, Investment, and Developmental Cooperation. In this manner, IPC and CGCT recognize the importance of mutual collaboration and cooperation to achieve their respective mandate signed an MOU to work together on human rights, water security and climate change.