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Bangladesh general election January 2024

IPC Accredited to Observe Bangladesh General Elections

Amman, 8th January 2024 – The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) received accreditation from the Election Commission of Bangladesh to observe the general elections held on 7th January 2024.

Observation Mission Led by H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia
H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia, a member of the IPC from the House of Representatives, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, was tasked with leading the observation mission.

Engagements During the Mission
During the mission, H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia:

  • Met with officials from the Election Commission of Bangladesh.
  • Attended an orientation meeting on the elections.
  • Participated in a dinner hosted by the Election Commission.
  • These engagements provided a deeper understanding of the electoral processes and facilitated meaningful exchanges on best practices in election administration.

Insights and Observations
The experience was highly informative, offering valuable insights into the electoral processes of Bangladesh. H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia observed:

The comprehensive setup of polling stations.
The professionalism of election officials.
The enthusiastic participation of voters.
The high level of organization and the transparency of the process were particularly noteworthy.

Commendation for the Election Commission of Bangladesh
The Election Commission of Bangladesh was commended for its efforts to ensure a fair and transparent election.

Importance of International Observation Missions
H.E. AbdelRahim Maaia emphasized the importance of such international observation missions, highlighting their contribution to the promotion of democratic values and good governance.